Video Production Services

We offer professional video services here at HAVE1.COM. Let us produce your promotional videos for use on your web site and online marketing. We provide different video styles at varying lengths for web, mobile and social media.

Many different types of video production packages are available depending on your company’s needs - if it is for an online tutorial, client testimonials, virtual tour, facebook or youtube use etc. Below are just some of the more popular types of video packages we’ve been involved in producing.

Profile Videos

A profile video gives an engaging introduction of who you are, what you sell, or what you do. This type of video helps persuade and promote to viewers in a soft scripted personal method.Depending on the nature of the video, either for products or services. The profile video is a great personal way to help promote your business.

Testimonial Videos

The testimonial video is a productive way to create business credibility from your own customers endorsement. These brief testimonial videos are a great way to showcase a business through it’s consumers eyes.

Advertising Videos

In this type of video we use a professionally written script and a recorded voiceovers that tell your company story, delivers a strong message and helps grab attention and persuade your audiences. This type of video is designed to generate a specific response from it’s viewers. For example purchase a product, visit your store or promote your service etc.

Virtual Tour Videos

We provide virtual tour videos - either indoors or outdoors - residential, commerical and industrial - great for showing people your retail store, factory tours, golf courses, campsites, accommodations and much more - the possibilities are endless.

If you have a custom video requirement, by all means let us know either through the video request form or call us today - (519) 376-6000

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